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Sports club rules

General rules

  1. The rules for the use of the services provided by city boxing sports club, which manages UAB "Boksas visi", (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") are mandatory for all persons who use the services of UAB "Boksas visi" (hereinafter referred to as the Rules – UAB "Boksas visi"). It is allowed to start using the services of UAB "Boksas visi" only after the visitor (hereinafter referred to as the "visitor") has carefully familiarized himself with the Rules and confirmed this by putting a checkmark on the system at the time of purchasing the membership or registering through the self-service terminal in the sports club. If the visitor refuses to get acquainted with the Rules and confirm this, UAB "Boksas visi" has the right not to allow the visitor to use the services of city boxing sports club. Minor visitors are signed and responsible for their parents (guardians). Parents (guardians) of minor visitors confirm the fact by agreeing to these rules that the state of health of the minor visitor allows him to use the services of uab "Boksas visi" City Boxing sports club, the minor visitor has fully familiarized himself with the Rules, will comply with them, and also ensures compensation for the damage caused to the minor visitor and third parties in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and is responsible for his behavior in the club of UAB "Boksas visi" and any health disorder.
  2. Naudotis UAB “Boksas visiems” paslaugomis lankytojai gali tik lankytojai įsigiję narystę internetu arba sporto klubo savitarnos terminale.
  3. During training, we take pictures and videos of members, by signing this contract you agree that you will be photographed and filmed, you will have no claims. All material will be used only for the purposes of marketing and quality improvement of UAB "Boksas visiems".
  4. Įsigijusiems narystę arba produktus ir jais pasinaudojus, pinigai nėra grąžinami. Jeigu produktais arba naryste nebuvo pasinaudoti, pinigai gali būti grąžinami per 14 kalendorinių dienų. Taip pat pinigai grąžinami  atvejais, kai lankytojai dėl UAB “Boksas visiems” kaltės negalėjo naudotis City Boxing sporto klubo paslaugomis ir kitais teisės aktų nustatytais atvejais.
  5. Visitors, before starting to use the services provided by the City Boxing Club of UAB "Boksas for all", must make sure that their state of health allows them to play sports. It is also recommended to check the state of health and consult a doctor. The negative consequences associated with non-compliance with this recommendation go to the visitor. Visitors, taking into account their state of health, using the services and tools available at UAB "Boksas visiems", responsibly choose physical activity according to the individual needs of each, personal characteristics and the influence on the body. Visitors must be careful and caring when playing sports. UAB "Boksas visiems" provides visitors with the opportunity to use the services provided by the club, but does not assess the impact of these services on the health of a particular visitor, and also does not guarantee their positive effect. Services are not provided to persons with health problems that may endanger the health and / or life of the person himself or other visitors, therefore UAB "Boksas visiems" reserves the right not to allow such visitors to the sports club or its separate zone (gyms, etc.).
  6. Visitors who have health problems that may pose a danger to the visitors themselves or the health and / or life of other visitors must inform the employees of UAB "Boksas visi" about these disorders. Employees of UAB "Boksas visi", in case of reasonable doubts about the state of health of the visitor, have the right to ask the visitor to provide a doctor's certificate about his state of health. The visitor is fully responsible for the suitability of his state of health to use the services provided by UAB "Boksas visi" and the correctness of the provided data on his state of health. All responsibility for the visitor's health disorders, injuries and accidents that occurred during the visit to UAB "Boksas visi" goes to the visitor. UAB "Boksas visi" does not compensate the visitor for both property and non-material damage caused to the visitor's health and life due to his services.
    1. UAB "Boksas visi" has the right to refuse to provide services to persons who have violated these Rules, as well as other undesirable persons, whose behavior threatens other interests of visitors of UAB "Boksasas everyone". The responsible employees of UAB "Boksas visi" have the right to demand visitors who have violated these Rules to stop using the services provided by UAB "Boksas visi" and to leave the premises. Money is not returned to the visitor for this visit.
    2. If the coach of UAB "Boksas visi" has suspicions about the visitor's state of health during the session, the visitor must stop the training and consult a doctor and provide a health certificate that allows you to play sports.
    3. Children are admitted to the club of UAB "Boksas visi" from the age of 1 year. Parents (guardians) are responsible for the safety and care of their children in the premises of UAB "Boksas for all" City Boxing Club.
    4. JSC "Boksas for all" can be closed due to the ongoing preventive works. On such days, visitors will not be provided with services, they will be informed about this in advance. In this case, memberships will be suspended until the end of preventive work.
    5. If visitors do not comply or violate any clause of these Rules, as well as in cases where the visitor's behavior threatens other interests of the visitors of UAB "Boksas visi", UAB "Boksas visi" has the right to terminate the validity of the visitor's membership, and in case of violation of the Rules, not to allow the visitor into the club of UAB "Boksas visi". In this case, the visitor is not refunded part of the contribution paid for the membership.
    6. UAB "Boksas visi" reserves the right to change the rules of the City Boxing Club at any time.
    7. UAB “Boksas visiems” pasilieka teisę neįleisti nepageidaujamų asmenų.
    8. Ginčai dėl sutarties netinkamo vykdymo ar nevykdymo ne teisme nagrinėjami Lietuvos Respublikos vartotojų teisių apsaugos įstatymo nustatyta tvarka Valstybinėje vartotojų teisių apsaugos tarnyboje, adresu Vilniaus g. 25, 01402 Vilnius, el. p., tel. (8 5) 262 67 51, faks. (8 5) 279 1466, interneto svetainė
      Elektroniniu būdu prašymą galite pateikti per EGS platformą

       UAB “Boksas visiems” patalpose lankytojas privalo:

      • responsibly and carefully use the services, property and inventory of UAB "Boksas visi", take all possible measures so as not to cause harm to themselves, the health and property of other visitors and club employees;
      • must be sober and not under the influence of psychoactive substances (drugs, drugs, drugs, other intoxicating or toxic substances). UAB "Boksas visi" has the right not to allow a visitor who does not comply with this requirement to enter the club;
      • in the event of an accident, everyone who can help, and witnesses to the incident must provide all the necessary information to the service personnel, as well as to doctors or law enforcement agencies;
      • immediately inform the employees of UAB "Boksas visi" about the deterioration of their own health or the injury suffered by themselves or other visitors when using the services of UAB "Boksas visi";
      • in separate zones of UAB "Boksas for all" wear only clean and tidy footwear and clothing intended for those premises. In all zones, only sports footwear is allowed. Do not wear any footwear in areas where there is a prohibition on the wearing of footwear.
      • it is forbidden to chew chewing gum during training;
      • before using the equipment and inventory of UAB "Boksas visi", to get acquainted with the rules for the use of this equipment and inventory displayed on the premises of UAB "Boksas visi" or indicated on the inventory or equipment, and in case of any uncertainties, not to use this equipment and inventory, but to contact the responsible employees of UAB "Boksas visi" regarding the provision of the necessary information;
      • use the equipment and inventory of UAB "Boksas visi" only according to their direct purpose, the methods and procedure provided for in the rules for the use of this equipment and inventory; not to use temporarily faulty equipment and inventory, to inform the responsible employees of UAB "Boksas visi" about the faulty equipment and inventory, as well as to contact them in case of any doubts about the suitability of the condition of the equipment or other inventory;
      • to comply with the instructions and recommendations of the responsible employees of UAB "Boksas visi" regarding the operation and use of equipment and inventory in the services of the City Boxing Club, training of a personal nature;
      • bring soft drinks and water only in non-shattering containers; it is forbidden to bring in and consume alcoholic beverages;
      • not to interfere with the use of the services of UAB "Boksas visi" by other visitors;
      • to compensate UAB "Boksas visi" for material damage (due to damaged equipment, inventory, etc.) incurred due to the fault of the visitor or the fault of minors who came with him in accordance with the act of assessment of losses provided by UAB "Boksas visi". The visitor is obliged to compensate for the damage caused to UAB "Boksas visi" no later than within 3 (three) calendar days from the date of submission of the damage assessment act to the visitor responsible for causing the damage, unless a different term for compensation of damages was set with the consent of the administration of UAB "Boksas visi" with the visitor.
  7. Additional rules in gyms

    1. Before participating in the training session and using the inventory of the hall, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the rules of UAB "Boksas visi", consult with the trainer in the hall about the procedure for using the inventory and the correct performance of the exercise performed by it.
    2. After the exercises are performed, the weights and inventory must be placed in the places reserved for them and left in order, suitable for use by other visitors.
    3. It is necessary to immediately inform the trainer (instructor) about the breakdown of inventory or other equipment in the hall.
    4. In the gym it is forbidden:
    • use temporarily faulty inventory or other gym equipment.
    • wear footwear and clothing that is not intended for these premises or that is dirty and untidy.
    1. By signing these Rules, the Visitor agrees that his/her phone number and e-mail address provided to the club administration of UAB "Boksas visi" would be used for direct marketing purposes (sending news, informational, advertising messages), unless he declares his/her disagreement separately in writing.

    Appendix no. 1

    In order to continue the registration process, you must read and agree to these rules. Risk factors: I, the signatory, understand about the huge health risks that physical training and sports pose. The list of these dangers includes: falls that can lead to serious injuries or death, injuries or deaths due to non-compliance with the rules on my part, my training partner or other people around, injuries or death due to improper use of training inventory or failures in the training inventory. I understand that the above hazards can cause serious injury or death to me and or my partner/partners. I understand all the dangers that may arise during training and take responsibility for possible injuries or death, during the training of UAB "Boxing for All" or during the event. I, agreeing to these rules, confirm that I do not have any physical disabilities or diseases that would endanger me or those around me. Knowing all the dangers and risks mentioned above and the fact that I voluntarily participate in the training of the City Boxing Club of UAB "Boksas visiems", I, the signatory, will not take any legal action, will not claim compensation for damages, compensation for possible damages and dangers that may arise during training, against employees, coaches, contractors, contractors, contract executors, event organizers, owners of the event venue. This agreement will apply to me, my heirs, my representatives, my executors, and my proxies. If any part of this agreement is invalidated, I agree that the rest of the agreement will retain all its legal force and actions. If I register on behalf of a minor child, I give permission to any person associated with the administration of UAB "Boksas visiems" to provide the necessary first aid, and also give permission, in case of serious trauma, to make a decision on medical assistance or surgical intervention and transportation of the child to medical institutions.


    The participant admits that uab "Boksas for all" during the training of the City Boxing club, as well as at the events of UAB "Boksas for all", there is a chance of suffering injuries. I agree not to claim compensation for damages and not to blame UAB "Boksas for all", employees, organizers, volunteers and owners of the event venue for the damage caused to the environment, trauma or death, for my carelessness, intentional act or negligence during the training of UAB "Boksas visi".