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Boxing training is an Olympic sport training that is perfect for people of all ages and physical preparation. During the training, exercises that develop speed, strength, coordination, reflexes, technique and tactics are performed. Boxing training is gaining popularity every year around the world. Quite a few film actors or fashion representatives promote this sport, as its benefits and effectiveness have been confirmed by scientific research. You can register for an introductory workout and you will see for yourself. We are waiting in the gym!


Individual training process according to your goals and desires. Recommended for all those who have never tried combat sports and want to gain some experience and confidence before joining group classes. Also for experienced athletes who want to improve certain elements of boxing techniques and increase their physical capabilities. We are waiting not only for boxing, but also for representatives of other sports. We offer the opportunity to play sports even with your friends or co-workers in nature or in the gym of your office.

The cost of a personal workout is €30 . It is also necessary to have a sports club membership, which you need to buy online or in a sports club at a self-service terminal. For personal training, contact a coach or