We invite you to play sports in a private group of 6 people - City Boxing

We invite you to play sports in a private group of 6 people

A new, private group is currently being assembled to play sports on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. The group will start when the members gather. Tentatively at the end of February.


What will your workout look like?

You will learn special and general physical fitness exercises performed by professional boxers.

You will hit a boxing pear and privately, with a trainer, you will learn boxing techniques. You will burn calories by playing sports in a small group, twice a week, according to the developed training plan.

You will play sports under the supervision of a trainer, the load will be increased for each individually. For the calories burned, you will get scores that will be awarded by your new physical activity strap Myzone. This group is for EVERYONE (women and men) who do not have the basics of boxing #BOKSASVISIEMS

You should register if you want to work together to:

•burn excess calories.

•highlight your muscles.

•increase strength.

•improve endurance.

•develop speed and sharpness.

•improve coordination.

•learn how to strike, move and defend.

Raise the glove you throw and play sports together!

The cost of the workout includes a one-time club membership fee of €20. The fee is paid monthly (8 workouts) €160

Register here: